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What does the great outdoors look like?

Hello year one,

I hope that you have all had a fun week exploring the
outdoor garden and
learning about the great outdoors? What has been your
favourite part of the
week? Do you have the same favourite part as your
friends? Can you recall the
names of any plants or trees? Use this blog to
let everyone know what you have
learnt and enjoyed this

Don’t forget to comment on your friends posts


Miss Connelly :)

Hello Year 1!

Hope you are having a great time off school!

I am really excited to see you all again.

Has anyone been up to anything exciting?

Miss Connelly :)


Easter Story


On Thursday 1st April we had an RE day and learnt about the Easter story. Please can you answer these questions from our RE day.

Who is Easter an important time for?

Why is it important?

What happened in the Easter story?

How do you think the people felt during the Easter story?

How does the story make Christians feel?


Good Luck :)

Miss Hughes and Miss Connelly