Monthly Archives: May 2015

RE – Judaism

You have been learning all about Judaism this week and the festivals that they take part in. Please could you explain to me the different festivals they participate in as I am really interested in Jewish festivals.

Have a lovely half term!

See you when we get back

Miss Connelly and Miss Hughes

Our Maths wow day!

Hope you enjoyed our Maths WOW day!

On Wednesday 13th May 2015 we had a Maths WOW day! The children enjoyed this day making Maths creative.

Please can you tell me:

What you liked?

What you would change about the day?

What activities did they complete?

Who did they work with?

What activities did they complete?

What resources were available?

Have Fun :)

Miss Connelly and Miss Hughes


Year 1 Garden Shop

Would you like a garden shop for role play?

If so what would you like in the garden shop?

What would you like to sell?

What posters would you like?

Please give us some ideas!

Be creative as you can please

Year 1 team!