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Sunny the explorer…

Hi Year 2,

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while. I’ve been exploring different places, because I love to explore!meerkat explorer

I know you are learning about explorers and I wanted to tell you an interesting fact – the first European people to cross the Kalahari Desert were the British explorers David Livingstone and William Oswell in 1849. That’s a very long time ago!

Would you like to explore the Kalahari Desert? I think you would make great explorers… I’ve seen the explorer uniform in your classroom.

I wish I could take you to the Kalahari Desert and show you what it looks like! But I’m afraid I just can’t sneak you all on the aeroplane in my suitcase :(

Why don’t you ask your teacher if you can research what the Kalahari Desert looks like? Then you will know what my home is like.

From Sunny xxx

Sunny mail

Wow Year 2!! I can’t believe how many of you sent me such lovely posts yesterday. You thought of some great questions to ask me!

My Mum’s name is Sandy!

In the Kalahari Desert there are lots of animals, like jackals, hyenas and antelope. We need to watch out for the jackals!! Stay safe… Stay together!!

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to answer all your questions but it’s getting late and I  don’t like the dark!

Sunny xxx

A message from Sunny

Hello Year 2

Thankyou for writing back to me :)

I can write because I have been practising using the correct pencil grip and sitting in my BBC position! The postbox is in the Kalahari desert in Africa – it is very hot and dry there! I am the meerkat at the front on the postcard, the other meerkats are my family!

I can’t believe you like to eat cake and chocolate – beetles are much nicer!

I came into your school to see you working, but you weren’t in your classroom! I will try to come again but I might have to stay outside so that I don’t wipe my sandy footprints on your classroom again – sorry!

I am quite small because I am a young meerkat, I am on an adventure to find a place to live that is PERFECT!

I’ll try to visit soon…

Sunny xxxmeerkat