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‘Fossil Findings for Pleased Palaeontologists’

Y3H explored the process of fossilisation in Science today by re-creating their own fossils. We created a mould using modelling clay, and trapped a dinosaur skeleton inside. After removing it from the mould it left behind a print which really fascinated us, because we could see how much detail transferred onto the mould. We then poured a runny mixture of Plaster of Paris and water over the top and have left them to dry.
What a fantastically messy lesson!
Miss Hunter


The Triassic Period

Hi Y3H,
This week we have been preparing to write an information text on the Triassic Period. The first of the three periods within the Mesozoic Era and also known as ‘The age of the Reptiles’. You have gathered lots of research in class and have a great understanding of the climate, the environment and the types of dinosaurs that walked the earth during this time.
I have found this picture of what the world looked like during the Triassic Period.

Artist's impression of Triassic period landscape.

As you can see its mainly desert, with no grass land and very few trees, it would have been extremely hot, with warm seas, although I’m not sure you would have wanted to paddle your feet in there as something might have had a nibble on your toes!
It would be great for you to continue your research on the Triassic Period so you have lots to include in your information text!
Miss Hunter

Y3H Dinosaur Dig

Y3H had an exciting visit from the Education Team – Life Long Ago Workshop. We had a fantastic time journeying back through the dinosaur age to discover what life was like for the world’s first mammals. We explored vegetation and climate through the different periods and looked at different types of dinosaurs – herbivores and carnivores. For a real WOW factor the children then had the opportunity to be palaeontologists and dig for fossils! We were shown how to delicately brush the sand from the fossils and reveal the history beneath! What a fantastic experience!
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