Monthly Archives: December 2016

Special Delivery

On the 1st of December, Y3H were stunned to discover a very mysterious delivery had arrived from a very special someone. None other than Father Christmas. We were very excited to say the least! Together we unwrapped the box and inside was an unexpected visitor. An elf named Tinker Mc Jingles. With him, came a passport from Lapland, some gold coins to pay for his travel and a report card so that Y3H can keep an eye on him during his stay. Father Christmas wrote us our very own letter, explaining that Tinker Mc Jingles is usually a good elf, but sometimes he can get up to mischief…

Well…Tinker Mc Jingles has certainly settled himself into our classroom. The cheeky little elf tiptoed into our cupboard and raided our first aid box! He opened plasters, strapped up his arm and spilt cotton buds everywhere. What a cheeky little elf!

Another cheeky day for Tinker Mc Jingles! He left us a note in our reading corner and Y3H quickly scarpered in search for rubbers!



Well, he has been up to mischief again! This morning 2 of our children had a surprise when they opened their lockers and an abundance of balloons came tumbling out! And there he was, Tinker Mc Jingles, hung up on the peg inside the locker! He is definitely becoming more sneaky!

The children couldn’t believe their eyes this morning when they saw Tinker Mc Jingles zip-wiring through the intervention room. He really does get up to so much fun mischief when we are not around!


Another surprise for us today, Tinker Mc Jingles was found practising jingle bells on the recorder. What a musical elf he is!

What a mess! Tinker Mc Jingles decided to throw novelty Christmas toilet roll all around our classroom. What a cheeky elf. The children were full of the giggles after seeing this sight!


As Christmas Eve is becoming closer Tinker Mc Jingles is becoming tired thinking about all the presents he has left to wrap. Today he decided to take a nap inside his stocking. He left us a note that read, ‘Elf Sleeping, SSsssshhhhh’


Another treat for us today, he is just becoming more and more sneaky! Today he was hidden inside a tray, on a bed of tinsel!

Chocolate Rocks

Y3H had a fantastically messy Science lesson learning about the different types of rocks. We discovered that there are 3 main types of rocks – Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous. We were fascinated to see how they were formed. Then came the messy bit! We added layers of chocolate to a cake case and squashed it down with our fingers (whilst trying not to lick them) to create a Sedimentary rock. We then moulded the chocolate with our hands until it made a ball shape, creating a Metamorphic rock, we then discussed what would happen if we added the chocolate ball to boiling water and allowed it to cool, forming igneous the rock. We has a brilliantly messy, chocolaty time!