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Next week in Maths, we will be looking at Right Angles!

An angle is the amount of turn between two straight lines, which are joined at a corner.

A right angle is a quarter of a turn. This turn measures  90˚. Degrees are what we measure angles in. To show a right angle on a shape, you draw a small square, just like on the picture. angle90

Ready for Maths next week, we are setting you a challenge to find as many right angles as you can around the environment. You can find right angles in your house, in the supermarket, at the park… there are many places! If you can take a picture of the right angle and bring it into school to show us!

Enjoy right angle hunting! :)

Miss Rourke & Miss Hunter

Adding and Subtracting Fractions


Hi Year 3,
This week we are going to have another look back over fractions, which you should all feel fairly confident about as we have looked at them before. However, this time we are going to be looking at adding and subtracting fractions, and the trick is, practice makes perfect! Have a go with the questions below!


Miss Hunter and Miss Rourke

It’s a Shaduf!

During our journey through ancient Egypt the children have been learning about how the Egyptians used the River Nile as there main source for survival. They would regularly collect water from the Nile and use it to feed their crops to then supply to the local villagers. The high demand for food and water suggested that the Egyptians needed to think of a more efficient way to collect water, which is where the idea of the Shaduf originated.


A Shaduf is a hand operated construction used for lifting water from the Nile. Typically it consists of a stable tripod, with a long pole, balanced like a see-saw.

We began our research, looking into the benefits of a Shaduf and how it worked. The children were eager to make model Shadufs to gain an understanding of its mechanisms.

Evaluating the existing product, we considered that there could be ways to improve it. The children considered different materials, rotation and also the suggestion of lifting other resources such as bricks for building. We decided that the only way to experiment was to make our own Shaduf from natural materials in our Wild Garden!

What a fantastic job the children did! We got wet, we got mucky but it was all worth it! The children were split into three teams and were each accompanied by an adult (although the children were much more outdoorsy than us!!). We considered different strategies and looked at the resources available to us before undergoing Shaduf construction! The children worked excellently in their teams and were supportive of one another’s ideas. It was fantastic to see the delight of the children when there Shaduf proved successful by collecting water from the Wild Garden Pond.

Here are our three teams, showing their commitment to a final product and their delight when it worked!
Well done Y3H, a brilliant morning of mess, muck and making in the Wild Garden!



Hi Year 3,
This week in Maths, we will be looking at Estimation! Estimation means to make a really good judgement or a close guess. We will be setting up an ‘Estimation Station’ where you will be able to estimate how many items are in a jar. The items will change daily. Each morning you will be given the opportunity to write your guess down and the closest guess will get a prize!
It would be great fun if you could create your own estimation station at home and let your family guess how many items are in the jar! The more whacky and weird the items, the more fun it is! But remember, don’t give away the amount until everyone has had a guess! If you can, bring pictures in of your estimation jars!


Enjoy Year 3!
Miss Hunter and Miss Rourke

Well Y3H have been very inventive with their estimation stations. We’ve had cotton buds, balloons, lip balms and bouncy balls, just to name a few! The children have been very creative and have had endless fun bringing them in and letting the rest of us guess the estimate!
Have a look at some of our estimation jars!

World Book Day


‘World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading.’
World Book day promotes getting children closer to the books and authors they already love, and letting them discover more books and authors they’ll love every bit as much in the future.

Wow! What a fantastic day we’ve had celebrating World Book Day! Year 3 brought Ancient Egypt to school today with fantastic costumes including mummy’s, pharaohs, Tutankhamen, gods and goddesses! What a brilliant effort everyone made! We were able to ‘Walk like the Egyptians’ in a KS2 parade were the children showcased their brilliant costumes! Our class text ‘Plot on the Pyramid’ has been the focus of our journey back through Ancient Egypt and the children were thrilled to learn we are carrying it through into Spring 2!
Take a look at some of the fantastic costumes our children wore!