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This week at school in Year 4H we have been learning about Romans and the Roman Empire. We have looked at the way they lived and we have learnt that Romans gave us lots of inventions that we still use today such as: roads and numbers (roman numerals). We also learnt that Romans came to England for riches, slaves and raw materials like leather and wool. The Romans successfully invaded England in 43AD when Claudius was the emperor.
In maths we have been doing 1000 more and 1000 less of a given number. We have also been focusing on our 8′s, 9′s, 7′s and 12′s times tables.

Our attendance this week was 98.3%.

Written by ES Y4H

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  1. b.hunter Post author

    In Y4H we have started a new topic on the Incredible Book Eating Boy. In English, we have been looking at punctuating direct speech and seeing how Henry’s family and teachers are reacting when Henry eats books and the conversations they might of had. In Maths, we have been doing columnar addition and subtraction and also been working on our times tables such as the 12′s , 9′s, 6′s 7′s and 8′s and we do the daily 10 on these times tables. We have also continued to look at the Roman Empire and the impact of the invasion, we worked In partners to create power point presentations. On Thursday it was snowing so we had the privilege to go outside and make snowmen! We had a great time.

    Our attendance this week was 95.3%

    Written by MC Y4H

    1. Miss Hunter

      This week in Maths, in Year 4 H we have been looking at symmetry and how many lines of symmetry you can get in shapes such as: Triangles, Rectangle and Squares.
      In English we have been focusing on our book for the term The Incredible Book Eating Boy. We have been planning our own narrative based on this and began to write it today. We also looked for other words for smart and some of these are intellectual, academic and knowledgeable.
      In Science we have been looking at human and animal teeth and what the different types of teeth are, as well as why we have different types of teeth. We also did a Science experiment were we put eggs in different liquids such as fruit juice, water, coke, milk and vinegar. We are leaving this over the weekend to see what happens to show what can cause our teeth to decay.

      Our attendance this week is 98%.

      Written by PW Y4H

  2. b.hunter Post author

    This week, within English, in Year 4 H we have been writing a diary entry from the view point of a thief dog in the Pied Piper book. We also been looking at the features of a narrative.
    In Geography, we have been looking at what the 7 continents are which make up the world. They are: North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Antarctica, Asia and Africa. We looked at some countries that make up Europe such as: England, Germany and Ireland.
    In spelling, we have been looking at 10 words and ways to help remember them such as: Quarter which is qu-ar-ter. Probably which is prob-ably. Another word we learnt was possession, the way we learnt this is: possession possesses the ss.
    In Maths, we have been doing fractions, looking at counting up and down in tenths and hundredths.
    We have also done some reading comprehensions such as: The Dragon Sitters Island in our CGP books, French, P.E and Music.

    Our attendance this week is 99.3%

    Written by JR, Y4H.

  3. b.hunter Post author

    This week in Year 4 H, within our English, we have been working towards writing a narrative. We have looked a lot at speech and how to punctuate it correctly.
    In Maths, we’ve been comparing measurements such as 1000ml is 1L and 100cm is 1metre. We have been solving problems and doing lots of times tables too.
    In Geography, we have identifying what is a physical and human feature and looking at some from around our country such as: Big Ben and the Angel of the North.
    In Spelling, we have been words that end in ‘ous’ such as: famous and dangerous. Some of the rules include: if the word ends in E drop the E and add OUS and if the word ends in Y swap it for an I and add OUS.
    In French, we were learning the names of jungle animals.

    Our attendance this week is: 100% and we also won class points!!

    Written by AG, Y4H.

  4. b.hunter Post author

    This week in Year 4 H, in spelling, we have been learning about the ”ch” and ”k” sounds, which are both spelt the same using ”ch”. The words we have been learning include: beach, bench and technology.
    In English, we have been learning about the Wind in the Willow, which is our new book for this term. We have been reading chapter 1 and then wrote up a summary of the chapter. We also looked at some tricky words and found out the definitions by using the dictionaries.
    In Maths, we have been learning about decimals and what fractions are equivalent to them. Such as: 1/2 is the same as 0.50, 1/4 is 0.25 and 8/10 is 0.8. We have also done a skills quiz and we marked this as a class so we could all see how to answer the questions correctly.
    In Science, we completed a science experiment and then wrote it up. We had to blow onto testing tubes, with different measurements of water in, to see what different sounds were created. The one with the most amount of water created the highest pitched sound and the one with the least amount of water made the lowest pitched sound. We learnt that this happened because, when there is more water there is less room for the molecules to move around so they cant spread out as much.
    We have also worked hard in handwriting, reading comprehension and P.E and music.

    Written by SF, Y4H.

  5. b.hunter Post author

    This week in Y4H, it has been assessment week.
    We started the week doing a reading quiz, showing off everything we have learned in year 4!
    In English, we have wrote a diary from either the mole or the rats viewpoint from our term book The Wind in the Willows. We then redrafted it making sure it was as good as possible.
    In Maths, we have done 3 quizzes – one arithmetic and two reasoning papers. We have also been looking at addition and subtraction word problems, looking how to break down each step in order to answer the question correctly, using the correct method.
    In Science, we have been looking at animals and the groups they are separated into such as Reptiles, Fish and Mammals. We looked at the characteristics which each group had for example: mammals all give birth and feed their babies milk.
    In Geography, we have looked at rivers and how they are formed and the parts which they have. Rivers are started at the source and end at the gorge.
    In spelling, we have looked at the ”-ture”spelling which appears at the end of words like: capture, adventure, mixture.
    We also found out our teacher for year 5, it will be Mr Hughes.

    Our attendance this week was: 96.3%

    Written by AB, JT and JW, Y4H.

  6. b.hunter Post author

    This week in Y4H, in English, we drew our own Wild Wood from the Wind in the Willows and picked up descriptive phrases or sentences to write around our drawing when that part of the chapter was read out to us. We are going to be writing a Setting Description of the Wild Wood next week so this helped us get a really good image in our heads.
    In Maths we have been looking at two part questions, some of which were from our assessments last week.
    In Science, we have still been looking at the different animal groups that animals (or us) come into. For example: Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles.
    In Geography, we have been looking at the upper course and the middle course of a river. We now know how to locate new things on a picture of River, such as the Tributaries.
    We haven’t done much spelling this week, but we’ve done a few spelling quizzes and we have been looking at the syllables in the words so we can spell them correctly.
    We have also done lots of cricket and we had our last music lesson of the year as well.

    This week, we have got 37 class points altogether and our attendance was: 98.3 %

    Written by MAi, Y4H.


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