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The Pied Piper of Hamelin Workshop

This week, Year 4 were visited by a representative of Arts on the Move, who delivered a fantastic drama workshop focused on our context for learning this term, The Pied Piper of Hamelin. The children had the opportunity to experience the text, understanding the meaning behind the authors language choices and debate the choices the Pied Piper made. Throughout the workshop the children worked with intonation and expression when delivering lines and how to promote empathy as a performer. They took on the different roles of the characters within the text, starting with the plague of rats, the towns people, the towns council and the mayor, the pied piper and finally the children. It was fabulous to observe the children trialling different drama techniques such as freeze frames, sound collages and thought alleys. As a class, we discussed how facial expression can be an important factor of displaying emotion within in a freeze frame and some of the children really took this on board and brought their characters to life! The children were fully immersed in the workshop from the beginning and had a fantastic day with Alison from Arts on the Move. The children have taken away a great understanding of the story of the Pied Piper and they were also able to appreciate the message of the story. This workshop has allowed the children to spring into this topic and they are excited to find out what’s next to discover about the Pied Piper…

Here are some pictures from our fantastic drama workshop:

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Well, what a busy couple of weeks we have had following Henry and his book munching madness! We read the story as a class, enjoying Henry’s weird and wonderful ways, we did some great narrative work, rewriting the story where we had the opportunity to be really inventive and descriptive with our language choices and we wrote a diary explaining unusual dreams Henry was having because of all his book gobbling nonsense! If that wasn’t enough for us to stomach, we managed to squeeze in some work on the digestive system and did a fascinating experiment exploring the effect of different liquid on our teeth, which we all thoroughly enjoyed and we had fun delving into Roman history! A fantastic term everybody, well done! I am really looking forward to seeing you all back and feeling refreshed ready to start our new topic – The Pied Piper of Hamelin.