The Pied Piper of Hamelin Workshop

This week, Year 4 were visited by a representative of Arts on the Move, who delivered a fantastic drama workshop focused on our context for learning this term, The Pied Piper of Hamelin. The children had the opportunity to experience the text, understanding the meaning behind the authors language choices and debate the choices the Pied Piper made. Throughout the workshop the children worked with intonation and expression when delivering lines and how to promote empathy as a performer. They took on the different roles of the characters within the text, starting with the plague of rats, the towns people, the towns council and the mayor, the pied piper and finally the children. It was fabulous to observe the children trialling different drama techniques such as freeze frames, sound collages and thought alleys. As a class, we discussed how facial expression can be an important factor of displaying emotion within in a freeze frame and some of the children really took this on board and brought their characters to life! The children were fully immersed in the workshop from the beginning and had a fantastic day with Alison from Arts on the Move. The children have taken away a great understanding of the story of the Pied Piper and they were also able to appreciate the message of the story. This workshop has allowed the children to spring into this topic and they are excited to find out what’s next to discover about the Pied Piper…

Here are some pictures from our fantastic drama workshop:

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Well, what a busy couple of weeks we have had following Henry and his book munching madness! We read the story as a class, enjoying Henry’s weird and wonderful ways, we did some great narrative work, rewriting the story where we had the opportunity to be really inventive and descriptive with our language choices and we wrote a diary explaining unusual dreams Henry was having because of all his book gobbling nonsense! If that wasn’t enough for us to stomach, we managed to squeeze in some work on the digestive system and did a fascinating experiment exploring the effect of different liquid on our teeth, which we all thoroughly enjoyed and we had fun delving into Roman history! A fantastic term everybody, well done! I am really looking forward to seeing you all back and feeling refreshed ready to start our new topic – The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Pyjamas, teddies and hot chocolate!

We all had a great day celebrating World Book Day in school, although it was quite difficult to stay awake as we had become rather comfortable in our pyjamas and dressing gowns! Our day began with an intriguing red box arriving in our classroom, which was soon revealed as our recommended reads for Year 4! A set of 10 brilliant and exciting books for our children to begin a new reading adventure! The books can be borrowed by the children and taken home and then they have the opportunity to blog about their reading experience sharing their love for the book and encourage other children to begin the same adventure! There is a link to the Year 4 recommended book list on the Wood Fold Primary School website if you want to have a look and see what books the children will have the opportunity to read!

I shared with the children my favourite bedtime story – The BFG and we read the first couple of chapters together, slurping on hot chocolate and cuddling our teddies. I have never seen 30 more fascinated and engaged children! We then blogged about our own favourite bedtime stories and it was lovely hearing about the children’s reading experiences.

Hear we are enjoying World Book Day!

I think we should come to school in our pyjamas more often! What do you think Y4H?

Miss Hunter

Star of the Week Review

This week at school in Year 4H we have been learning about Romans and the Roman Empire. We have looked at the way they lived and we have learnt that Romans gave us lots of inventions that we still use today such as: roads and numbers (roman numerals). We also learnt that Romans came to England for riches, slaves and raw materials like leather and wool. The Romans successfully invaded England in 43AD when Claudius was the emperor.
In maths we have been doing 1000 more and 1000 less of a given number. We have also been focusing on our 8′s, 9′s, 7′s and 12′s times tables.

Our attendance this week was 98.3%.

Written by ES Y4H

World Book Day

They open a door and enter a magical world…

(C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe).

enCHanted book

For me books offer limitless possibilities. What a line means to me may mean something completely different to my friend.

What did your imagination conjure up when you read the first line? The scent of bubbling chocolate; rotten fish heads and stale dragon eggs; dancing fire imps in the fire fiends cavern or somewhere only you can imagine?

Today is World Book Day, finding a book you love to read over and over again is magical. Why don’t you share your thoughts, like we have, on why the book you’ve brought in captured your heart.

Miss Hunter and Mr Ibbotson

How to Train Your Dragon

The children had such a great learning experience following Hiccup’s journey in Cressida Cowells ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. We created papier mache dragons, persuaded young Viking heroes to join the Hairy Hooligan Tribe and had a go at acting out the infamous speech by Gobber the Belch! Year 4 have been engrossed in this topic and it has been fantastic to see them buried into the book and desperate to read on to discover Hiccup’s destiny! Throughout this topic the children have met some interesting characters with bizarre names and personalities and the descriptive language and quirky content in this fabulous book has really pushed the children to expand their language choices! A thoroughly enjoyable topic for us all!

The Firework Makers Daughter

The children have thoroughly enjoyed our context for learning during this term. They have experienced an indoor firework display, created their own glitter bursting fireworks, followed Lila’s journey up Mount Merapi to face the feared Fire Fiend and learned that we all possess individual qualities that make us unique. It has been a fantastic learning experience for the children and they have loved reading the book and meeting all the different characters along the way. I hope they show the same enthusiasm and excitement for our next topic…

The Water Cycle

This week, Year 4 had a fantastic workshop on Water Awareness provided by Kingfisher Education. The children explored the world of water and where it comes from. They tested their knowledge of the water cycle, calculated how much water they use, and took part in a ‘Think before you flush’ experiment (toilet paper versus wipes).


The children also discovered ways to save water, they found out about what lurks below in the sewers, looked at how water is used in developing countries and discussed the important issue of water safety. The children were encouraged to develop communication skills, problem solving and team work. They were also presented with real issues and scenarios to encourage them to develop their knowledge and values of water awareness around the world.

The children had a fun and stimulating morning, inspired to pass the message of water safety to friends and family!
The children took away with them water booklets for follow up work and United Utilities gifts to remind them about saving water.

Stone Age Journey

This week Year 3 visited the Eco Centre in Southport and were taken on a Stone Age Journey. The children were involved in many activities to enhance their knowledge of the Stone Age, including a walk to the Green Beach to experience what the land would have been like during the Stone Age, an archaeological dig, uncovering and analysing footprints and they worked in teams to complete question and answer board games focused on the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. We had a fantastic day were the children had the opportunity to take part in memorable learning activities and took away a vast range of knowledge.

The Stone Age

Hi Year 3,
Welcome to the Stone Age! I hope you are enjoying our new topic, we are only just getting started, and yet I am already so excited! There will be lots to learn about as we journey through pre-historic Britain. Currently we are looking at the Stone Age, focusing on hunter gatherers, food and weapons and settlements, then it will be time to move on to the Bronze Age where we will be looking at beautiful, handcrafted jewellery and bronze as the newly discovered metal, and finally to complete our topic we will follow in the footsteps of the Celts in to the Iron Age. Let me know what you are enjoying most about this topic!
Miss Hunter